We digitize
legal practice

Ultimate solution for law firms of any size

When you need the right information at the right time and have it in one place.


Manage and improve
relationships and interactions with customers, streamline processes and increase profitability.


Get the right data at the right time so you can make the right decisions. Marketing connector is a matter of course.


Boost team efficiency and productivity with great team organization features.

Documents management

Clear, structured and safe in one place accessible from anywhere. Whether from the office, car or pool.


Collaborate on individual cases, check the status of cases and fulfill the assigned tasks.


Keep track of what events you organize, who attends them, how much they cost you and what they bring to you.

Knowledge management

Reduce the number of internal questions by offering them a clear and always valid answer for everyone.


Keep track of employees, their tasks, performance, plan effective recruitment.

Take care of your customers

You can track business history, segment customers, manage and personalize communications, track the cost of cases, etc.

  • Lead management
  • Contacts
  • Performance reports
  • Conflict checks

Discover more with excellent reporting

You won't run out of money anymore. With advanced reports, you get up-to-date performance information right away, so you can make operational changes.

  • Business performance
  • Online marketing
  • Effectivity and productivity
  • Custom reports

Let the team work effectively

A satisfied team is the basis of a well-functioning company. We have the tools to help your team plan, manage and communicate to improve their effectiveness. Among other things, they will be happier.

  • Task management
  • Communication
  • Calendar
  • Case management


Documents management


Contract maker

All your data on one place

We have a lot of other smart tools tailored to make law firms more efficient. We are constantly improving them and at the same time developing new ones so that we can completely digitize your office.

We integrated to your website and favourite apps.

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